When it comes to welcoming in the new year, I’m not normally like the rest of the world. I don’t follow trend and make big huge plans on how to spend the night or go and waste every last cent I own on alcohol that I won’t even remember drinking. I don’t flock to the big crowds and I don’t stay up dancing all night. I don’t spend all week planning out the perfect outfit and I don’t stress about whether or not Prince Charming is going to give me my New Years kiss. I don’t write a list of my New Years Resolutions and I don’t make a million plans for the year ahead. But then again, I don’t usually write publicly for the whole world to see either. 

This year though, this year i’m trying something new.

This year I did make plans on how to spend the night. They might not have been huge plans and they might not have involved alcohol or large groups of people, but I did make plans.

This year I watched a baseball game; my favourite game in the whole entire world. I watched my Boyfriend and his team play one of the best games they’ve played all year and then I watched the most beautiful fireworks sparkle and dance above the diamond. I came home early to a house full of my big brothers friends and I watched my favourite TV show, with my favourite boy while I  ate my favourite food; kettle popcorn.  I counted down until midnight and I kissed my Prince Charming. I watched my beautiful Matilda go for her first run of the year, wished my mumma, my dadda and my big brother a Happy New Year and I went to bed with a smile on my face.

This year I did what I wanted to do, with the people who mean the most to me – my family.

This year I did plan the perfect outfit (or atleast I tried too). I may have changed my mind a million times over before making a final decision on what to wear and the outfit that was chosen may have been nothing like the one that had been planned, but the thought was still there nonetheless.

This year I didn’t need to stress about who was going to be my New Years kiss, because this year I was the girl who was already wrapped up in the arms of her Prince Charming. The girl completely head over heels in love.

This year I did make a list of my New Years Resolutions and this year I did make plans for the year ahead. This year, I made plans for me.

New Years Resolutions

1. Listen to my body.

2. Everyday do at least one thing just for me. How big or how small is irrelevant as long as it makes me happy.

3. Learn to love myself. Not the person I want to be a month from now or a year from now, but the person I am now – flaws and all.

4. Continue to work on and build my core strength.

5. Be healthy enough and strong enough to run again.

6. Be well enough that I can eat all fruits and vegetables, without turning yellow.

7. Start writing again.

So here I am, following the rules of New Years Resolution number 7; Introducing myself to the blogging world. Here I am sharing my secrets and searching for inspiration. Here I am after two years of watching life pass me by, finally starting to live again.

This year I’m sweeping the world off its feet.

This year I’m going to shine again.