So this blog is absolutely nothing like the one I had planned to post tonight, but really I shouldn’t be suprised. When does life ever actually go to plan, especially with technology involved?

I had a beautiful long story planned, about how a late night of tossing and turning in bed had turned into the realisation of one of lifes greatest blessings; Family.

I wrote about how amazingly beautiful and strong my Mumma is and how she is the glue that holds us all together, and how any girl born with a Mumma like mine was born with the most precious gift in the world; a bestfriend for life. I wrote about how brave and heroic my Dadda is and how just a single moment wrapped up in his arms can make even the largest of problems melt away, and how any girl born with a Dadda like mine never stood a chance of being anything other than “Daddys Little Girl”. I wrote about how protective yet adventurous my big brother is and how even just his presence is enough to make an entire room smile, and how any girl born with a big brother as amazing as mine was born with her very own Superman.

I wrote about how no amount of struggles, hardships or tough times could ever break the bond of a family and how against all odds, everything we’ve been through together over the past couple of years and every road we have unwillingly taken has only strengthened that bond. I wrote about how lucky I am and how the love that a family shares should never be taken for granted, because the kind of love that a family shares is strong enough to move mountains. It’s strong enough to change the world.

I wrote about how instead of falling straight to sleep that night I stayed up a little bit later. I stayed up and prayed, and for the first time in a long time I thanked my angels twice, because for the first time in a long time I truly felt blessed again.

So maybe, at the end of all this, I shouldn’t blame it on technology. Maybe the entirety of this realisation wasn’t suppose to be for the world to see. Maybe it was just meant for me, for my own personal growth. Maybe it was designed to be one of those silent magical moments, the ones that you keep to yourself and just smile about, but then again, I was never the girl who just kept to herself and smiled.

I was always the girl who shared her smile with the world.