I’m not quite sure whether it was lack of sleep or whether the heat was just finally starting to get to my brain, but somewhere around midnight last night my mind began to wander. When exactly should a person be able to sleep alone in the dark, contently, without being slightly afraid of ‘Monsters’ as such?

Surely an almost 21 year old couldn’t still be afraid of the dark. Surely that same girl who grew up with her little toes as far away from the end of the bed as possible, in fear of Gremlins sneaking out from underneath the bed to bite on them, wasn’t still afraid of monsters – or was she?

My answer, should you have asked me a couple of days ago, would have been a strong and confident no. However now, I’m not quite sure what to tell you. There’s just something about the dark of the night that makes me uncomfortably nervous.

Between having the window completely open, letting not only a cool breeze through but a whole range of strange and eery sounds and the bedroom door open wide enough to let the air circulate; my bravery was decreasing by the second. Soon enough, I began slowly pulling my toes up from the end of the bed and then before I knew it, the ever famous ‘Safety Blanket’ or as normal people may refer to it, a bedsheet, was being pulled up over my head. One million and one degree weather and yes, I needed my sheet on. That’s just the kind of brave I am.

So in reality, after last nights events, it would seem that the answer to my question is actually a yes. Sadly, an almost 21 year old is in fact still afraid of the dark or at the very least, still highly afraid of those Gremlins showing up to nibble at her toes.

In my defence though, I never really was the bravest of brave. Unless your idea of brave is watching an entire scary movie with your finger on the mute button? Really though, what little girl needs to be brave when she grows up with Superman for a big brother?