Today I began my day with Yoga. Not Yoga in a classroom or a gym, but yoga in my loungeroom with my Wii Fit and I must admit, it was noticeably harder than the last time I attempted to exercise. Much, much harder actually. In fact to be completely honest, I really don’t remember it ever being that hard. Don’t worry though I managed to push through, and all with a smile on my face might I add.

So this Yoga business, you really should believe all of those things that you hear. As it turns out, it actually is quite intense, even if it is in front of your TV, in your loungeroom, at home. Don’t let that fool you because it is by no means easier in any way. It still feels like a million hurdles that your legs just can’t quite make it over.

Hurdle #1 – deep breathing.

After just four minutes of deep breathing, believe it or not I found myself out of breath. Now it’s been a while, so I’m not exactly sure how this exercise idea works, but last time I checked the breathing part of the activity wasn’t actually designed to wear you out.

Hurdle #2 – stretching.

There really is no other way to describe stretching other than “ouch”. For a girl who was once extremely flexible, there were a lot of noises coming from the loungeroom that morning that did not at all sound pleasant. Despite my moaning and groaning however, I managed to pull off The Tree, The Sun Salutation and The Downward Facing Dog.  With extreme difficulty of course, but I did complete them nonetheless.

The final stretch on the ground however, where you place your opposite leg across your body, that could not be done. That leg was never going to make it across the other side of my body, there was just no way.

So as much as  it may look like you have won this round Mr. Yoga, don’t you worry because I will be back. Tomorrow, the next day, the next day and for however long it takes. I will be back getting stronger and stronger and although I may have only done twenty minutes today, eight of which may or may not have been intense deep breathing, eventually your deep breathing won’t leave me out of breath and eventually your stretching won’t cause me extreme pain. Eventually, I will master the art of Yoga, you just wait