A little over ten years ago, the worlds greatest Mumma took her little girl to her very first concert; Ronan Keating.

To this day, I still couldn’t tell you the exact moment that he won us over, but from what I remember it all happened rather quickly. I’m not sure if it was his perfect voice or that cheeky little smile. If it was his sexy accent or that sneaky little pelvic thrust he always managed to slip in mid performance, but either way he well and truly charmed his way into our hearts and just like that, we were offically life long fans.

The kind of fans that listened to his CD on repeat, on every single car trip. Much to the boys disgust, we had well and truly memorised each and every word to every single song and we would always, always sing out loud. I would be lying if I said we could sing his songs well, but our level of talent never stopped us from trying. Nor did it stop the smile from spreading across our face everytime we pressed play on that favourite CD. At the very least, we were dedicated.

So naturally, it goes without saying that news of a second tour tens years on more than caught our attention. Two tickets as close to the stage as possible were booked within seconds and just like that, we were headed for a reunion that was long overdue. To say the least, we were very, very excited.

Walking into the concert no words needed to be exchanged, because the ear to ear smile on both of our faces said more than words ever could. He was back, finally, and that little girl who was almost all grown up was about to experience magic for a second time with the worlds greatest Mumma right by her side. Things could not have been more perfect.

The music started, out he came and once again just like that, every single girl in the crowd had fallen in love. I don’t blame them though, he definately had a little ‘Chuck Bass’ going on in his fancy little suit. It was quite impressive actually.

Now, after our first Ronan experience, Mumma and I had both agreed that his cheeky little pelvic thrust during “I love it when we do” was definately the highlight. It was hands down, no questions asked, our favourite part. There was no exlanation necessary. So you can understand our disappointment during his most recent concert, when that entire song was performed without even a hint of a pelvic thrust. It was devastating, heart breaking even. Like any true performer though, he didn’t leave us heartbroken for long. 

During his very next song, a sneaky little crutch grab was cheekily slipped in and just like that we were back in action. Ronan Keating was officially back and we  were officially impressed. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that every good concert needs sexual innuendo attached, but this is Ronan Keating we’re talking about here.