Last night the strangest thing happened; I was showered, dressed, teeth brushed, head on the pillow, in bed and ready to sleep, before 10:00pm. Me, the queen of night owls, was in bed at an almost appropriate time. Not pretending to be in bed, not “I’ll be in bed soon I just have to brush my teeth”, not “Oh wait, I just have to say goodnight to everyone” but I was actually in my bedroom, ready to sleep, on time!

It was nothing short of a Miracle.

Now for those of you who don’t know me all that well, then you wouldn’t quite grasp the importance of this, but just to give you a slight insight, my usual nightly routine consists of quite a few things. Quite a lot of things actually. The main one being at least a million and one ”Goodnights” mainly to Mumma and of course a whole lot of messing around. Basically, when it comes down to it, I just don’t like to rush.

Like I said before, I’m a snail.

The thing is though, this whole ’snail’ trait of mine, it has a way of increasing in power as the sun goes down. In fact, you could say that come nightfall I’m a little bit like like a snail on energy drinks. It doesn’t matter how late it is or how tired I am, there is always an endless list of things that I find myseld needing to do, all at the same time and all before I go to bed.

You could ask me why and I would probably do my best to come up with a handful of plausable reasons for such a strange habit, but in all honesty, your guess is as good as mine. I like to think that I get it from my Great Grandma, Grandma with Charlie Bird, but the truth is I have no idea why it happens.

It’s almost as though the second that clock strikes 10:00pm, we start our day again, only we start it even crazier than usual. It’s as though in that last hour we have left before our head hits the pillow, we have to get anything and everything said and done, just incase we forget come morning. The thing is though we never forget and yet somehow, the next night it just happens all over again.

I take comfort in the fact that it’s not just me though. Much to boyfriends displeasure, it is definately a trait that I get from my Mumma. So really, if you plan on going to bed at a reasonable hour, then you probably shouldn’t have Mumma and I in the same household together. Well, not unless you want to play Tangrams at 10:37pm at night, which judging by Boyfriend’s facial expressions on this particular night, he did not want to play nor was he at all impressed by the idea. Mumma and I though, we thought it was ingenius!

It’s not always Tangrams though, really it can be anything. When it comes to night time activities, I’m a little bit like a ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ as they say. Easily distracted and just happy to be there, almost to the extreme.

Come nightfall, you can just about get me to do anything; apart from go to bed. Which, considering I’m like Sleeping Beauty when it comes time to wake up of a morning, I guess the Tangram idea isn’t really all that ingenius after all.

Like most things though, I still haven’t learnt.

Every night I still find myself going to bed once I’m well and truly past the point of being tired and every night I still come up with new ways to keep me entertained instead of falling asleep. Every night I continue believing that I’m on target to go to bed at a reasonable hour and yet every night I fail.

Every night I finish my conversation with my Mumma and say goodnight, but every night no more than two seconds later, I find myself back in there again. This time with a new conversation and yet another goodnight. If you watch us for long enough, it’s actually quite a lot like groundhog day.

On repeat.

 Every night, just when I think I’m tired, my body tricks me into thinking I should stay up a little longer and yet every morning, that same body of mine hates me for listening to it.

Every night my snail shell sheds and in its place I develop wings.

This story though, it’s not your usual ’caterpillar turns into a butterfly’ type idea, but rather a snail transforms into an owl. A ‘night owl’ to be exact. An owl that has all the same traits as the snail did, but with the added bonus of no clear concept of time. Which if we’re being honest, is one of this particular snails finest traits, even without being an owl!

Lucky for me though, I have an amazing little Lambchop who accepts both the snail and the owl, exactly as they come. Even if they do both come to bed a milion hours after they said they would.