A little over three years ago I prepared myself for what I thought would be the most amazing day of my life; highschool graduation. I was finally leaving the place that I had dreamed of leaving for so, so many years. I was finally done. No more missing the bus, no more constantly getting in trouble for always being late, no more visits to the sick bay, no more note taking and no more school. I was finally free.

Today though, I proved myself wrong. Starting now, highschool graduation no longer takes the cake for being the greatest day of my life; because today was.  Today I had a smile at least ten times bigger than the smile I had that day. Today I didn’t just feel free, but I felt on top of the world.

Today I officially graduated from what seemed like pointless, never-ending visits to an endless list of doctors/specialists/naturopaths/homeopaths/massage therapists/crazy herbalists and a whole range of people who had no idea what they were talking about. Today, after two years, I was finally given the all clear from Chronic Fatigue and I could not be happier.

After two years of hopeless doctors, countless dead end roads and a complete loss of faith in the medical industry; by some miracle, we were finally led down the right road.

Just when we thought there was nowhere else to turn, we were pointed in yet another direction. Only this time it was towards a decent doctor, who did know what he was talking about and finally after everything, we ended up exactly where we needed to be.

After two years of heading full speed down a tunnel with no light in sight, eventually a glimmer of sunshine began to peer through the cracks and today, those little cracks of sunshine turned out to be the biggest, brightest rainbow that I have ever seen.

Today the storm disappeared and behind all of those dark, gloomy clouds shone a bright, beautiful rainbow and whether it takes me a million and one baby steps or so many that I start to lose count, nothing is going to stop me from chasing that rainbow.

Nothing is going to stop me from finding my very own pot of gold.