Airports; there is just something about them that makes me smile. All the people, all the busyness, all the pretty bags, I just love it.

Maybe because at airports it seems as though the whole world is running late, somewhat like my world or maybe because it’s like one big giant fishbowl, where I can enjoy my love of people watching at a whole new level. Maybe it’s because airports are always so full of adventures, with thousands of people all disappearing. All going in different directions, living out their part of lifes big plan.

I guess I just love the mystery of it all. The way that even staring out at the distance for just a few seconds can leave you with a million unanswered questions.

Where are they going, who are they going with, what are they going for? Will someone be there waiting for them as they arrive at the other end, or will they be travelling completely alone?

I love guessing which pile of luggage belongs to which person and I love that somehow, someone always surprises me. I love that there is always that handful of people who arrive so beautifully dressed, clearly out to impress and then there are the others who are so casual and so comfortable in their own skin that they just don’t care, they don’t need to impress.

I love the exciting ‘Hellos’ and I love the tearfelt ‘Goodbyes’. Mind you, had you asked me twelve months ago how I felt about ‘airport goodbyes’ I can guarantee you that my opinion of the heartfelt goodbyes would be a little different to now. The ‘Hellos however’, they will always, always be a favourite of mine.

I love that at an airport no one persons story is the same. Some travel for just one single night, while others travel for an entire week. Some travel for months, while others don’t plan on coming back at all. Some travel to visit loved ones, while others travel to escape loved ones and just by looking you will never, ever know.

I love that somehow, standing there in the middle of an airport amongst the constant flurry of people, your story will always be safe.