Tonight as I peered out my window, something unusual caught my eye. I had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, but sure enough, it was real. A group of boys were running naked down the street.

Strangely enough though, it wasn’t the naked boys that caught my eye first, but the furry little friend that was prancing down the street alongside them. It didn’t take long before I figured it out; I could tell that little strut from a mile away. There she was, my baby Matilda having the time of her life with a group of boys that she barely even knew. What was a mother to think?

It’s not enough that she rolls over and spreads her legs whenever a boy is in sight, but now my beautiful little skank of a puppy was sneaking out to see naked boys. For a five year old, she was fast becoming trouble.

From a Mumma’s perspective, to be completely honest with you, I couldn’t tell you why it is she does these things. All I can tell you is that she just loves boys, almost as much as she likes her belly being rubbed.

In fact, she’s been a bit of a skank since birth really. No matter what I try to teach her, there is just something about a male voice that makes her roll over and spread her legs. I think it must have been her Mumma with a tail that taught her all of her bad habits, because I have been nothing but well mannered with my polite little baby. Yet still, she can’t seem to keep those little legs closed.

I’m certain that she’d steal my Boyfriend is she could. Actually, she probably already thinks that he is hers, she is so sure that she’s a human and goodness she loves him. So much so that the second she knows he’s leaving us to go back home, she looks completely heartbroken. Sometimes she even sooks for the entire time that he’s gone and the only way that she stops, is when he comes back to visit her.

I think she must have her Mumma’s charm though, because she has had him wrapped around her little paw since that first day he walked through that door. Luckily for her, she’s cute enough that I’m willing to share; only with her though.