Last night was like my very own Beauty and the Geek Fairytale. A Fairytale in which I was the Princess and all of my wildest dreams came true.

Last night I celebrated my twenty first birthday with the people who mean the most to me and although everything may not have gone exactly the way I had planned, it was by far one of the most amazing nights of my life.

If you had of asked me at around 3:00pm that afternoon though, just how I imagined things would turn out, I’m not quite sure what I would have told you. Considering Mumma and I only ordered the balloons that morning, the boys still hadn’t quite worked out whether or not the beautiful white tent we had bought was even possible to put up and as far as music goes, I had no idea what anyone was adding to the playlist or if there would even be a playlist for that matter. Come 5:30pm though it was all slowly starting to fall into place, which was probably just as well, considering everyone would be arriving in less than two hours.

Eventually, the boys managed to sort out which pole belonged where and my beautiful white tent was standing tall and proud, my extra little helpers made up a playlist and even added a few of my country favourites, the balloons were picked up and were even more beautiful than I thought they would be, the red carpet looked perfect and we had just the right amount of bollards for the length of the entrance, the smell of my favourite freshly popped kettle popcorn was beginning to fill the air, the Scooby-Doo jumping castle was about ten million times more impressive than it looked online and even the Photobooth had arrived. Slowly but surely, it was all starting to come together. It was beginning to look just how I imagined it would.

My amazingly talented hairdresser had styled my hair in a way that looked even prettier than I was expecting, the dress that we had somehow magically found a few months before hand could not have been more perfect, the jewellery we had searched and searched for was just the right colour purple and I even managed to spend most of the night walking somewhat gracefully in my sparkling silver high heels; the very same heels that I was sure would only last a few minutes. Like always, somehow it all just fell into place.

Not quite everything went according to plan though.

Although I had told my guests to arrive at 7:00pm, I of course managed to show up late to my very own party that was being held in my very own home; a talent that only I could master. The few people that had already arrived by the time I emerged from getting ready didn’t really seem to mind though, I guess they knew better than to expect me to be anywhere on time.

Come the end of the night, the lollies I had placed in my giant glass lolly jars; the feature of my beautiful white tent and the idea that sparked my whole party theme, didn’t look quite as appealing as I had hoped. The cold air had caused the jelly beans in the glass jar to condensate, leaving them all wet and sticky and completely stuck together. Even the sugared peanuts were losing their sugar, so neither of them really looked like something you would want to place in your mouth.

The pretty coloured lanterns that I had fell in love with, the ones that I spent a good half an hour putting up, ended up running out of batteries within the first hour. So by the end of the night, no one really had any idea that they were even up there.

The beautiful black and silver cupcake cases that Mumma and I had picked out for my cupcake stand had managed to get lost somewhere along the way, leaving my cupcake tier a little more plain and a little less fancy than I had imagined.

Then, after the countless hours of organising and setting up, believe it or not we had forgotten to take a photo of the finished product. No photo of the beautiful white tent, no photo of my perfect little lolly table, no photo of my pretty coloured lanterns, no photo of the popcorn stand and on top of all of that, we didn’t even remember to take a photo of the birthday girl blowing out her candles.

At the end of the day though, I guess none of those things really matter, because despite not having a photo to show for all of those things, I do have a million and one amazing photo’s from the Photobooth and I am more than certain that the memories of last night will stay with me forever.

Like always, there were a few people who I would have loved to have been there to share the night with me, who unfortunately were unable to make it. On the other hand though, there were more than a few people who surprised me. People who travelled quite a long way to be there, just to celebrate with me.

So to those people, thank you. To all of those people, thank you for reminding me just how precious the people in my life truly are. To everyone who dressed up and came to celebrate with me, to everyone who made my night an absolute dream come true and to everyone who helped make it all happen; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Last night, whilst having the absolute time of my life, I realised something.

Although every single little detail added up to one amazingly perfect night, although I was unbelievably lucky to be able to throw such a big, beautiful party and although like always, I was completely spoilt rotten, it wasn’t any of those things that had me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world come the end of the night.

Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciated every single one of those things and I still absolutely loved them, but it was walking around seeing all of the beautiful people that came out to celebrate with me that had me feeling on top of the world. Standing there, seeing the smiles on all of those faces, knowing that after just twenty-one years on this earth, I had met some of the most wonderful people that a girl could ever have the pleasure of meeting. It was that feeling of knowing that after just twenty-one years, I had the kind of friendships that people often search their entire life for and sometimes never find.

Knowing that even after everything I’ve been through over the past two years, living under a rock and being out of touch with many more people than I would have liked, nothing had really changed; I was still lucky enough to have all of those beautiful people in my life.

Not even all of the white tents, coloured lanterns, popcorn stands, lolly jars, red carpets, jumping castles and photobooths in the world could compare to that feeling.

Standing there last night, listening to my big Brother make me teary with his beautiful heartfelt speech, watching Dadda look at me like his baby girl was almost all grown up, seeing that look in Mumma’s eyes and knowing that she didn’t have to say a word, knowing that my Boyfriend was right there beside me and not on the other side of the world and then looking out at a crowd full of beautiful people who made the effort to be there just for me, was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Even more amazing than a my very own Kettle Popcorn stand.

So after last night, it would seem that it really is true; the people you have in your life truly are what makes it all worthwhile and last night I was reminded of that. Last night would have been nothing without my amazing family and friends who were there by my side, celebrating with me. It was because of those people that my night turned out to be an absolute dream come true.

Last night truly was a Fairytale, a Beauty and the Geek Fairytale that I am certain I won’t ever forget.