Last night I went to bed just twenty years old and yet this morning I woke up to find I was now twenty-one. Apart from the extra number though and that feeling of excitement you have in the pit of your tummy when you know it’s your birthday, not much else had really changed.

I still woke up in the arms of the most amazing boy I’ve ever known, I still woke up to endless amounts of hugs and kisses from the best family a girl could ever ask for and I was still completely and utterly spoilt rotten. Maybe even a little more spoilt than usual actually, considering the kitchen table was filled with birthday presents that had been wrapped in the most beautiful princess paper that I had ever seen.

The day had already started off perfectly and yet the highlight was still to come.

It wasn’t the clothes or the beautiful perfume, the pretty gold charms or the perfect gold earrings or even the brand new Iphone I had been dying to use that stood out as being my favourite part of today. Don’t get me wrong, my presents were absolutely beautiful and like always they were exactly what I wanted, lunch at Sizzlers was delicious and although going to see Ry Ry on the big screen is probably every girls birthday dream come true in itself, it was the company of the day that was by far my favourite.

My very first day as a twenty-one year old was spent with Mumma, Dadda, Brother, Boyfriend, Kristin, Grandma, Aunty Vicki and last but not least, Aunty Viv – the star of the show, and let me just say that I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but there is just something so surreal about talking to someone who has spent so much more time on this earth than I have. Something about it always gives me goosebumps, like a subtle little reminder that this world really is so much bigger than it seems.

At ninety-three years young my beautiful Aunty Viv doesn’t look a day over eighty and yet she still has the spirit of a sixteen year old, her love for life truly is inspiring. Every time I see her, which is not quite as often as I would like, she always finds a way of telling me that she has no idea where all the time has gone, that is until she looks at herself in the mirror. Then, every time without fail, she chuckles. It’s quite cute really.

Today though, aside from telling me she has no idea where the time has gone and aside from making me smile at her genuine love and appreciation for life, she reminded me just how precious life really is and that even after all of those years, it’s the love of your family and your own true happiness that matters most of all.

So today, on my twenty first birthday, I would say that I have been more than a little bit lucky. Sure, I was completely spoilt rotten with a million and one presents, but more important than that, I spent the day with my family and I spent the day being happy. So somehow, even though it was my first birthday without a cake, it would seem that today I didn’t need twenty-one candles to blow out and I didn’t need to close my eyes and make a wish, because today my birthday wish had already come true.