This particular love story started about ten years ago, with a trip to a local resort for our annual family holiday. We had a whole entire resort to explore and a brand new world at our fingertips, but of course boys being boys, the need to explore the television channels was first and foremost. Much to the disgust of us girls at the time, Foxtel was playing a new channel that none of us were familiar with, Channel 815; a channel dedicated entirely to Country Music.

The boys were almost instantly won over with the stroke of the very first guitar and within what seemed like a matter of hours, they had fallen completely head over heels in love with the whole idea. Mumma and I though, we weren’t so easy to convince.

Looking back at it all now, I’m not quite sure why we even bothered to put up a fight, at the end of the day we never really stood a chance. That entire holiday I don’t think the television changed from 815 for a single second and on the off chance that it did, it wasn’t worth the tantrums that were thrown. The boys were madly in love and it was growing stronger by the hour.

As much as Mumma and I had hoped things would change once returning home, their love for Country Music only strengthened during the time apart. Within a matter of days the boys had organised for Foxtel to be installed and we were once again back to the never ending sound of Country Music.

Although Mumma and I were still yet to be convinced, with the television playing in our ears twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, eventually even we softened to the idea and before long we were all singing along to the country scene.

Now, ten years on, after being somewhat quiet fans, we have joined the rest of the country bumpkins out there in putting on our cowboy hats and boots and travelling to our very first CMC Rocks The Hunter. After having Country Music playing on every television in the house for as long as I can remember, with every CD player filled with varying Country Music Artists, we were finally on our way to see a few of our favourites performing Live.

As a family it was official; we were well and truly Country Music fans. In the blink of an eye, Country Music had fast become the sountrack to our life and we finally knew all of the words.