Today my Mumma made the most amazing discovery yet; the worlds cutest little Barn, full of deliciously edible treats.

Not only was this Barn the cutest little thing that I had ever laid eyes on and not only was it full of every lolly imaginable, but right there in the centre of the Barn was a giant Kangaroo. A Kangaroo made completely out of different coloured Jelly Beans.

I could hardly believe my eyes.

In fact, I think if it was at all possible, I would have taken that giant masterpiece back home with me in a heartbeat. Considering he seemed to be their main attraction though, I figured the chances of someone noticing he was missing were probably quite high. Well, that and I think he would have been a little too heavy for me to just  ‘sneak’ out.

So instead of stealing him I decided to go with plan B) stand there and smile while Mumma takes countless photos of me with the worlds most delicious Kangaroo, because even if I couldn’t take him home with me, he would still be the highlight of my day.