Now I know that I said the giant lolly Kangaroo was the highlight of my day yesterday and I still stand by the fact that it was. However, that was before last nights performance by Mr. Dierks Bentley and might I just say that he comes in a very, very close second.

In fact, I would even go as far as to say that he was my favourite performance of this entire weekend so far and considering half of the girls in the crowd decided to take their clothes off mid-song, I would probably say that majority of them would agree with me.

Although I must add, if I was going to stand up on someones shoulders and take my top off in front of a million and one cameras and consequently the entire world, I would atleast make sure that I was wearing a decent bra first. Not these girls though, that was well and truly the last thing on their minds and Dierks, well I can’t say that he was too bothered by the idea either.

After all, he did manage to keep a tally of just how many he saw that night and just between you and I, he might just hold the CMC record after that performance.