Last night, while Brother was busy out in the mosh pit with the rest of the world and their cowboy boots, Mumma, Dadda and I went to one of the local Hunter Valley restaurants for dinner, because we all know that this little country bumpkin loves her food more than she loves to mosh; it’s a fact.

It was in the middle of ordering dinner that I got quite the surprise. The last thing that I expected to see as I sat down at the table browsing through the menu was a sign leading into a cosy little room that read ’Library’, yet right there in the middle of a homely little restaurant, sat a beautiful old library; just incase you wanted to pass the time while you waited for your meal.

Now as you probably already are aware, I’m not usually a library book kind of girl. Chances are I am more likely to sit impatiently and wait for my meal than go and visit a book shelf, but today I was feeling adventurous. There was just something about this bookshelf that was beautifully intriguing.

Still, if we’re being completely honest, I didn’t actually go in there and sit down for a quick read. I did however pretend to read, whilst Mumma took numerous photos of a girl ‘trying to act studious’. Which, to tell you the truth, was much more fun that actually reading.

Don’t worry though, I made sure to pick up a book that I might actually read someday, I’m not that silly. ‘Gone with the Wind’ I believe it was.

So someday, if we ever go back there to visit my giant edible Kangaroo, then who knows, I might even pay another little visit to my beautifully intriguing bookshelf and who knows, I might just find that tale of ‘Gone with the Wind’ again and see where it takes me.