Today I went to my very first aqua aerobics class with Mumma since before I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue almost two years ago and despite being shown up by a pool full of Grandma’s, I would have to admit that I was fairly impressed with my efforts.

I may not have been able to keep up with the best of them, but I did manage to stay standing in the pool for the entire class.

I may not have been strong enough to do the exercises that the instructor was teaching, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a spare pool noodle and slowly wading my way through the water, floating around with a smile on my face.

I may not have looked like your usual fit and healthy twenty-one year old girl and considering I was slower than the two eighty year old ladies swimming next to me, I would say that was probably the case, but I was determined to get back there.

My fitness levels may not have been anywhere near where they were this time a few years ago, but compared to this time just one year ago, I was lucky to even be out of my bed and into a swimming pool.

So despite being shown up by a pool full of Grandma’s today, as well as my very own Mumma for that matter, I was just happy to be in the pool with them, floating around without a care in the world.

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t the fittest in the pool today and it didn’t matter that I spent the rest of the day sleeping. After my efforts this morning, all that mattered was that I was officially one step closer to where I wanted to be. I was officially moving forward in my recovery and I could not have been more excited.

After all, who knows. Give me a few more classes and a couple of months to work my way up to it and maybe I’ll be the one showing those Grandma’s just how it’s done.