To all of the lovely people who decided to leave me a birthday message, compliments of the amazing photobooth that I had at my birthday celebration, thank you for the countless laughs; you have just made my day.

In fact, I don’t think I remember laughing as hard as I just did, watching all of the beautiful drunken things everyone had to say that night.

With a total of thirty-four video messages left in the booth, one of which was left by me might I add, we apparently hold the record for the most video messages ever left at a private event. So to all of those beautiful people who were either brave enough or drunk enough to go in and say something to make me smile, thank you. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

To all of my wonderful drunken friends, I wish you could see all of the things that I just saw.

To all of my wonderful friends who weren’t drunk, I bet you didn’t realise fifteen seconds was such a long time. Until of course, you were thrown into a photobooth and told to talk to a camera.

To all of my wonderful friends who stared blankly at the screen, watching the timer count down from fifteen to zero, patiently waiting for the recording to start; you will be pleased to know that it had in fact already started. Don’t worry though, you all looked beautiful standing there staring blankly into space.

To everyone who was too drunk to remember just what they said that night, I now have it all saved on disc, ready to show you any time that you’re interested and believe it or not, it’s one of those things where each time you watch it the more entertaining it becomes.

Trust me.