I never really understood how so many girls could lay out in the sun for hours at a time, doing nothing at all except lay there. That is, until I moved my mattress outside and tried it for myself.

Let me just say that it was possibly the greatest idea I ever had.

I’d tried it a few times before, laying outside with just a towel on the grass, but time and time again the ants would crawl onto my towel and bite me in places that I really did not want to be bitten.

I’d also tried laying outside with just a towel on the concrete, but as you can imagine, laying on the concrete for a long period of time is not at all comfortable and somehow, those same little ants still found there way over to where I was laying.

This particular day though, the sun was shining bright and out of nowhere, I had an ephiphany. Why not just bring out the spare mattress? That way I could lay outside, just high enough that I was away from the ants, be completely comfortable and still be in the sun; it was ingenious.

So today, that is exactly what I did. I dragged the spare mattress outside, grabbed a few pillows to lay on, a towel to spread over my face and I sunbaked.

I guess you could say that I gave a new meaning to the term ‘sunbed’ and to be quite honest, I think it could just catch on.