After today, I think I managed to set a new world record; about one million hours of packing and not one single tantrum and for me, that was quite an achievement.

For a girl who can’t seem to pack for even one single night without turning into a frustrated, cranky little monster, the thought of packing for three whole weeks was nothing short of a nightmare.

Today though, I surprised myself.

Not only did I manage to pack my entire suitcase without having even a single tantrum, but I somehow managed to leave a few of my clothes still in my wardrobe. The girl who always packed everything, had finally left a few things behind and for possibly the first time ever, she was even able to fit her pillow in the top of her suitcase and still zip it up.

It was nothing short of a miracle.

After today, it would seem that maybe this little twenty-one year old girl, really was growing up after all. Which was probably just as well, considering she still had twice the amount of luggage that a normal person would have packed.