This morning at around 8:00am, a maxi taxi arrived at our house ready to take us, as well as our one hundred and one suitcases to the airport. This morning, for possibly the first time in my life, I was actually on time.

Obviously though, the pilot must not have got the message about me being on time for once, because he decided to delay our flight from Brisbane to Sydney for a little over three hours. So just in case over twenty-four hours of travelling wasn’t quite enough, we now had an extra three hours on top of that before we could even leave.

As you can imagine, I was not a happy camper.

After walking up and down the airport at least five times and going in to every single store at least double that, the pilot was finally ready to leave and we were finally able to begin our journey.

After a few extra hours spent on the first of many planes, we had finally arrived at stop number one; Sydney and given that we had just spent hours upon hours waiting at the Brisbane airport, a change in scenery was of course a welcoming sight. A sight that was made even more welcoming by the big, beautiful shops and the countless duty free stalls that filled the walk ways.

Unfortunately though, compliments of the very same pilot who had delayed our first flight, it was now touch and go as to whether or not we would make our connecting flight, which made it more than a little bit difficult for me to fit in some last minute shopping. So with Brother and Kristin leaving from the front of the pack, Dadda not far behind them, Boyfriend almost pushing me to go faster, while doing everything in his power to stop my eyes from wandering to the shops nearby and Mumma at the back of the pack struggling to make the distance, I would say that we definately set a new world record for speed walking through that Sydney airport.

It was definately an experience to say the least.

Luckily for all of us, we managed to make it onto our connecting flight with only a few minutes to spare. Not so lucky for me however, the shelves and shelves of beautiful perfume that I had left behind, was now just a distant memory.

Next up we had a ten hour flight to Honolulu and considering I had just flown a little over an hour and a half to get from Brisbane to Sydney and the novelty had already well and truly worn off, I was not at all looking forward to it. Luckily though, I had my boy with me, who as well as being amazing company, just happened to be a seasonal flyer.

The original seat we were given was next to a lovely old couple. A lovely old couple who within the first five minutes, did nothing but talk up a storm. Now don’t get me wrong, I love friendly people, especially friendly old people, but when it comes to a ten hour flight, they aren’t exactly a first choice of travelling companions. So with that being said, the very second we were in the air and the seat belt sign was turned off, we snuck our way into the back row; a row which was originally completely empty, before we had of course come along and set up camp.

It was by far our best decision yet.

There I was, laying comfortably across all four of the tiny seats with my head resting on Boyfriends lap, snoring my little head off for what seemed to be most of the way there. I of course awoke a few times to eat my pre-packed Red Rooster chicken and salad for dinner, brush my teeth and get changed into my bed socks, but aside from that, we both passed the time with our eyes closed, drifting off into the land of dreams.

Eventually though, enough time had passed and we had arrived at stop number two; the Honolulu airport. Although it wasn’t our final destination, given that over the past ten hours there was absolutely no food on the plane that I was able to eat, forcing me to live off of my pre-packed meals and snacks, the thought of an actual meal by this stage was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Needless to say, as soon as we stepped off that plane, I of course found my way to the nearest food court, which to my surprise sold roast chickens and salad. It was almost too good to be true.

After ordering my meal and opening my take away container, I soon found out that my suspicions were correct; it was indeed far too good to be true. The roast chicken that I had ordered was not exactly average sized piece of chicken that I was expecting, but was instead a whole entire bird, similar to the size of a full grown turkey. It was hands down, the biggest piece of chicken that I had ever seen.

Now normally, I wouldn’t be complaining, except for the fact that it tasted a lot like oil and absolutely nothing like the chickens we have back at home. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but going by it’s sheer size alone, it definately wasn’t chicken. It was however, absolutely huge.

So just like that, the excitement that I had previously held towards my lovely chicken and salad, had almost instantaneously disappeared and just like that, my pre-packed snacks were looking better by the second.

About another hour had passed and it was again time to board our third and final plane. Just seven more hours to go and we would finally be in Las Vegas.

Again, my seasonal traveller of a boyfriend managed to steal us some better seats than we had originally started with, along with a few more pillows and a few more blankets and so we were officially good to go. Things were of course still looking a little disappointing on the food front, but we would be arriving in Vegas soon enough and I could have all the food my little belly desired.

Slowly but surely, seven hours in the air had soon passed and before we knew it we were flying over the Las Vegas strip. After over twenty-four hours of travelling, we were finally flying over some of the biggest most beautiful buildings that I had ever seen, in a city that took the term city lights to a whole new level. If anything was going to make over twenty-four hours of travelling without any decent food worthwhile, this was it.

Walking off that third and final plane and knowing that we were finally in Vegas, was one of the greatest feelings in the world and knowing that we had two weeks to spend in a city that never sleeps, was something I couldn’t even begin to describe. Just in case all of that wasn’t enough though, just as we arrived, right there in the middle of the airport sat the biggest most beautiful poker machines that I had ever seen, just calling out our names.

It was then in that exact moment, that I knew with absolute certainty; we were in for the trip of a lifetime.