Even before we left for our big American adventure, one of the very first things on the top of my Vegas to-do list was to follow my love for chocolate across the country and visit M&M’s World.

Today I did exactly that, with a very, very big smile on my face and let me just say, never in my whole entire life have I seen a chocolate shop quite this extravagent. Then again though, given that we were in Las Vegas, I probably should have known better.

There were four floors in total, each of which had been filled from top to bottom with delicious M&M’s chocolates and endless M&M’s merchandise. Ladies clothes, mens clothes, baby clothes, souvenirs, stuffed toys, chocolate dispensers; you name it, they had it. My personal favourite however, was a wall filled entirely of M&M’s chocolates. A wall filled with chocolates in more colours than the rainbow and more flavours than I ever knew existed.

It was official, I never wanted to leave.

Just in case that wasn’t impressive enough though, on yet another floor, you then had the option of personalising your very own M&M’s chocolate. It was nothing short of amazing.

Needless to say, I was of course under strict instructions from my five chocolate loving bestfriends back at home, to return with the prettiest coloured chocolates that I could get my hands on. So after searching for a few moments and toying with the idea of creating my own, I soon found a pre-made box with the exact colours that I had wanted; dark purple, lilac, baby pink, baby blue and turquoise. All of their favourites, all the way from Vegas.

Luckily for my girls, I was unable to eat the chocolates myself and so they managed to survive the trip home. Although, just between you and me, if there had have been even the slightest chance that I could’ve eaten them, there is no way in the world that they would have made the distance.

With that being said though, I was still more than happy to wander those four floors of heaven and not eat a thing. So happy in fact, that I am more than cetain I will be returning to this little slice of chocolate heaven at least three more times before we leave. After all, I haven’t quite memorised the endless colours of their chocolate rainbow just yet.