After a day spent exploring in the wonderful MGM Grand, Brother, Kristin, Boyfriend and I, decided to take our extreme love of crime shows to the next level and enjoy our very own CSI Experience. However, despite the adventure being based around the television crime show CSI, we took it upon ourselves to instead stick with our personal favourite and solve crimes NCIS style.

Now, anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting my big brother, would already be aware of his seriousness towards this mission. Apparently, although it was simply a fun game that we had of course paid for, it was now our duty to save the world.

Anyone who has ever watched NCIS, would also know that within seconds of arriving, he had already appointed himself to be DiNozzo. He would be Tony DiNozzo, Boyfriend would be McGee, Kristin would be Kate and I would be Abby; all chosen specifically, by none other than my big brother of course.

To be quite honest though, the character suited him perfectly.

As to be expected, given the fact that we were all over the age of twenty-one, within about fifteen minutes of our mission beginning, both McGee and Kate had lost almost all enthusiasm and Miss Abby was not far behind them. It would seem that the CSI Experience was not quite as in depth as we had all hoped, but was designed with a more younger generation in mind.

Mr. Tony DiNozzo however, was in his element, still going strong in an attempt to save the world. He continued to jot down clues, check and then double check suspects, read through text messages the victim had received on the night of her death, match tire marks to the vehicle leaving the crime scene, complete chemical testing to see just which drugs were left on the scene and in turn, come up with the suspect that he believed to have committed the crime.

Like always, he was 100% correct.

After putting our answers into the computer however, he then went on to answer the questions to each of the other three crime scene’s, without having ever seen them. Questions which believe it or not, he actually managed to get correct, every single time.

So although McGee, Kate and Abby may not have had the most thrilling time, at the very least, Mr. DiNozzo came out with yet another ego boost. After all, he was the one who managed to save the world.