As I’m sure all of you are already aware, I myself love to laugh and after living twenty one years with an amateur comedian as a big brother, it’s probably just as well.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that of all of the weird and wonderful shows we have seen here in Las Vegas, it was the comedian with bright red hair that was the clear favourite.

Although I have spent twenty one years with an amateur comedian as a big brother and although I have watched each of Carl Barrons DVD’s countless times, I have never in all my life laughed as hard as I did last night.

Now, I’m sure majority of you have heard me laugh at one point or another, but unless you have heard my ‘eyes closed, can’t hardly breathe, sounds like a hyena, full on belly laugh’ then you might not quite understand.

This man had me laughing so hard that my own Boyfriend almost smothered me, just to stop the noise. At one point it got so bad, that I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to stop, he was just that funny. My eyes were watering to the point that I couldn’t see a thing and I was laughing so hard that I almost forgot to breathe, but I was having the time of my life.

Then when I finally did stop to take a breath, I managed to open my eyes again only to see my comedian of a big brother in exactly the same fit of laughter that I was and just like that it started all over again.

If you asked me now though to remember a few of his jokes, I doubt I could tell you even a single one. Not because they weren’t worth remembering, but because they were so funny that my brain was too busy laughing to remember them. He was so hilarious in fact, that I’m almost certain I could go to his show every single night and you would still find me laughing just as hard as I did the very first time.

Mr. Carrot Top, you were amazing.