Today Mumma, Kristin and I spent the day wandering the shopping outlets in Downtown Las Vegas, while the boys went in search of bargains at the ‘Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’ and of course, like every other day in Vegas, there were a few little highlights along the way.

Maybe not your average highlights though, considering Mumma and I aren’t exactly the best at this whole ‘being on the opposite side of the world’ idea, but they were entertaining highlights to say the least.

1. Spending well over three hours in Dress Barn, buying Mumma a whole new wardrobe. Now by a whole new wardrobe I don’t just mean a few bits and pieces, I mean she basically bought everything in the store. In her defence though, everything that she tried on was amazingly beautiful and they did all appear to be made just for her.

2. Finding out that Kristin had looked through the entire shopping outlet and was already on a bus back to the Hotel, all in the same amount of time that it had taken Mumma and I to look in one single shop.

3. Eating my first ice block in about two years. One that was completely natural and made entirely out of strawberries – it was amazing.

4. Losing Mumma’s mobile phone.

5. Talking to a complete stranger like they’re your Mumma, only to find out that it’s actually the Sales Assistant from the Carters Store, calling to inform you that your Mumma’s phone was no longer lost.

6. Stopping to talk to the charming beauty product salesman and leaving with over $100 of products, just so we could stop him from talking and maybe still have a chance at catching our bus and making our show on time.

7. Speed walking back to the bus stop with a million and one bags praying that we wouldn’t miss our bus, only to change our mind and decide on catching a taxi after we had just set a world record time for speed walking.

8. Watching Mumma attemp to hail a taxi

Now, just so you know, this is about where things start to get interesting.

Last time I checked, you weren’t actually meant to run across the road in the middle of on coming traffic to hail a taxi, regardless of what country you may be in. Apparently Mumma must have missed that memo though, because that’s exactly what she did.

One minute we’re both standing by the bus stop, patiently waiting for the next bus to arrive and the next minute I look up to see a crazy lady who looks an awful lot like my Mumma, running across the road and waving her arms madly through the air, trying to catch the attention of the passing taxi drivers.

Now I’m still not certain what happened, but either her wild antics had paid off and she’d caught someone’s attention or this particular driver was just slowing down because he didn’t want to run over the crazy lady standing in the middle of the road. Either way, somehow she had managed to stop a taxi.

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the worst part though. The running, the waving, the standing in the middle of the road, that was nothing compared to what came next.

Not only was she now standing in the middle of the road staring at the taxi driver she’d just stopped, but his door was obviously locked, probably for situations exactly like this and she was unable to ask him if he could please take us home.

Instead of acting like a normal person though and waiting for him to realise she wasn’t crazy and let her in, she continued on her road rampage and was now banging on his window, yelling that she wanted him to take us home. He of course was foreign and had no idea what she was saying, so she continued to stand there waving and yelling like a crazy person, while I continued pretending I didn’t know her.

Eventually he caught on to the idea and must have nodded, because the next thing I know Mumma was running back across the road towards me, waving her arms at me to come over. Hesitantly, I made my way across the road dodging the on coming traffic and I climbed into the back left passenger seat. Mumma though, she must have been a bit confused after her road rampage and had somehow forgotten where we were, because instead of following my lead and climbing into the back right hand side seat beside me or even the front right hand side seat for that matter, she insisted on opening the drivers side door and trying her best to sit on the taxi drivers lap.

So here we are, still in the middle of the road where everything has now fallen out of the drivers side door, the taxi driver is in complete shock with absolutely no idea what is going on and Mumma and I are in absolute hysterics. Not only had she just ran across the street like an absolute lunatic, but now the whole bus stop full of people probably thought she was trying to highjack this poor mans taxi.

Strangely enough, going by the expression on the drivers face as Mumma opened his door and tried to sit down, I don’t think that sort of thing happens too often over here. Despite the fact that Mumma and I were obviously two hopeless Australian Tourists who had forgotten the American road rules, I’m certain he thought we were trying to rob him and drive away in his car.

By the time he had calmed down, caught his breath and realised we really were just crazy tourists and that we weren’t actually out to rob him and steal his taxi, I think he started to see the humour in the whole situation. I couldn’t tell for sure, but going by the animation in his voice and the fact that he called quite a few different people on the way back to our Hotel, I would say that “The two crazy Australians” were the talk of the town that afternoon.

Don’t worry though, those ‘Two crazy Australians’ thought it was pretty funny too. So funny in fact, that the back seat of that taxi was filled with laughter the entire drive back to the hotel.