Walking around the streets of Las Vegas today, upstairs in a quiet little food court, I came across an old man and a younger looking lady, busily sculpting the faces of complete strangers from the crowd. From what I could see, the strangers were paying money, while this talented couple somehow magically sculpted their faces from just a small handful of clay.

It was nothing short of amazing.

As I stood there and watched, mesmerised by their talent, yet another new handful of clay was magically transformed into an almost identical replica of the lady sitting in front of me.

By that point it was official, I was completely sold.

Needless to say, within a few minutes, that little old man had made yet another forty dollars and I was now the stranger waiting for the magic to happen.

Sitting there patiently waiting, something that I am rarely very good at, I couldn’t help but notice the countless people passing by, quietly whispering between themselves at just how realistic his masterpiece was beginning to look. The more he sculpted, the more people began to stop and stare and from what I could gather from the whispers of the crowds, they were just as impressed as I had been.

Feeling slightly relieved by the reaction of the crowds, although still rather curious, I continued to sit and smile, patiently waiting to see the finished product. By this time, Boyfriend had paid the younger lady and was now sitting down beside me, patiently waiting for his half of our couples sculpture to be magically moulded.

Slowly but surely, my patience was beginning to wear thin and I was feeling slightly anxious towards the finished product. However, after seeing the few couples before hand receive theirs, I reassured myelf. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed; this was definately an investment worth waiting for.

Sure enough, they managed to prove me wrong.

After waiting for what felt like an eternity for this sculpting magic to happen, finally, the little old man had finished.

Right there in front of me, in the place of what should have been a masterpiece, was the face of a girl whom I did not know. Although my hair was long and beautiful, with just the right waves in just the right places, that was as far as the magic had gone that day and unfortunately, despite their previous sculptures, the young lady had done just as poorly. Although Boyfriend appeared to hve the right cheek bones and although she somehow managed to perfect his cute little pouty mouth, the rest of his beautiful face was hardly recognisable.

Believe it or not though, even after all of that, the unfamiliar faces staring back at us weren’t the biggest issue. Somewhere along the way, I hadn’t quite thought this whole idea through. Given the fact that we had travelled over twenty-four hours to get here, I’m really not quite sure how I planned on taking our sculpture faces home again.

Perhaps this wasn’t my greatest decision after all. Athough, after taking a closer look at the finished product, it was quite possibly the most entertaining.

Before you ask to see a photo though, it just so happens that I don’t actually have one. Although I attempted to take one after realising we wouldn’t be able to fly them home with us, we were already running late for our flight, Boyfriend’s nose had chipped off and of course, as luck would have it, just as I went to press the camera button on my phone it somehow managed to magically turn itself off.

Story of my life.

So there they were, an eighty dollar investment of a couple who we didn’t even know. A couple who although the crowd may have thought otherwise, lacked personality and looked nothing at all like us. There they were, two beautifully strange clay faces, left behind in a hotel room. Two clay faces, who could have very well belonged to any couple in Vegas.

comedy and tragedy[9]