I’m not quite sure when the obsession started or the exact date that I fell in love. I couldn’t tell you what brought it on and to be honest, I probably couldn’t even tell you why it happened, but a very long time ago, the entire Giraffe population well and truly stole my heart.

Somewhere along the way, I had fallen in love with one of the most beautiful creatures to ever walk this earth and yet still, after all of those years of loving them unconditionally, the closest I had ever come to seeing their beauty for myself, was through someone elses images on a computer screen.

Today though, all of that changed.

Today all of my dreams came true.

That little Australian girl who has a bedroom dedicated entirely to Giraffe’s, yet hasn’t ever actually seen one for herself, was finally meeting her absolute favourite animal, for the very first time. She was now half way across the world, standing there in the middle of the Honolulu Zoo, looking wide-eyed at by far the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

The girl who had dreamed of visiting Hawaii for almost as long as she had dreamed of coming face to face with a real life Giraffe, had just done both of those things with the five people who mean the most to her in this world, all within a matter of days. Finally, after all of those years of patiently waiting, she was in her element.

Finally, it was the day that she had been waiting for, for what seemed to be her whole entire life.

Walking through that magnificent Zoo and seeing their enclosure, nothing else in the world mattered. The ‘No loud noises’ sign was of course completely disregarded as I screamed in excitement the very second I saw him move. He was like nothing I had ever seen before; so tall and yet so graceful, so big and yet so calm.

They were absolutely breathtaking.

Given the extent of my love and the sheer amount of photo’s that I had seen over the years, I of course assumed that they would have been amazing, but I never in a million years imagined that they would have been as amazing as they were.

Standing there in absolute awe of their beauty, hours had passed and yet still, I was nowhere near finished admiring just how breathtakingly beautiful these creatures were. Their giant long necks and their legs that went on for miles, their beautiful big eyes and their cute little bellies. The way that they moved, the way that they ate and the way that they lived so completely carefree; I could’ve watched them for days on end, for an eternity even.

A whole entire Zoo filled with beautiful, exotic animals, animals that we could only dream of having back at home and yet still, the Giraffe enclosure was all that I wanted to look at; I was mesmerised.

Unfortunately though, the way that the enclosure was made had ruled out any form of Giraffe cuddles and so I was forced to admire them from a distance. That didn’t stop me from calling out for hours on end though, trying time and time again to catch their attention. Praying that maybe by some miracle, they would stretch out their extremely long necks, just far enough to let me touch them. Sadly though, they never quite came close enough.

Honestly though, I wasn’t too upset, I was still closer than I ever had been before and I was still loving every single second of it. I was still standing there in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world and after a lifetime of waiting, I was finally meeting my very first Giraffe. I was still completely over the moon and today was still more than perfect. So perfect in fact, that if there was even a slight chance that those Zoo Keepers would have let me, I would have happily spent the rest of my Hawaiian adventure living out my days in that Giraffe enclosure.

Despite being unable to stay there with them though and despite having to say a sad goodbye to my newfound friends, today was still one of the most amazing days of my whole entire life. Today was the day that all of my dreams came true and along with the rest of this Las Vegas/Hawaiian adventure, countless memories were made today that I won’t ever, ever forget; not even for a second.

For someone who has a way with words, despite my lack of trying, nothing could ever come close to expressing the kind of happiness that those Giraffe’s gave me today.

As far as emotions go, today was completely indescribable.