Thirty things that I will never understand:

1. How it is that Mumma and I can spend an entire week racing around like crazy, yet when someone asks us what we did with our time, we are completely lost as to how to respond.

2. How every single girl can have a wardobe full of clothes, and yet still have nothing to wear.

3. How it is that boys can eat anything and everything in sight and not feel the slightest bit guilty. Yet girls only have to look at a piece of chocolate cake and they instantly feel as though they’ve just gone up a dress size.

4. Why every single time Mumma and I walk into Crazy Clarks or Sams Warehouse, or any type of discount $2 shop for that matter, we find ourselves leaving with a trolley full of things that we really didn’t need.

5. Why it is that I can never seem to get anywhere on time, regardless of how hard I may try.

6. Why it’s so impossible for me to choose a decent movie.

7. Why after 21 years of living, I still struggle to make even the easiest of decisions.

8. Why I feel the need to make my bed every morning, knowing that I’m only going to mess it up again that night.

9. Why I feel the need to have seventeen stuffed animals, mostly giraffes, covering at least a third of my bed.

10. Why I love to bake, when the food I am baking rarely turns out edible.

11. Why God felt the need to bless me with legs that are quite clearly half the length of a normal persons legs.

12. Why my brother finds it so difficult to remember which colour towel is his.

13. Why I have to pack my entire wardrobe, anytime I ever go anywhere.

14. Why someone decided it was acceptable for chemicals to be added into foods.

15. What people are thinking when they knowingly leave their house without shoes on.

16. Why boys still haven’t realised that a bunch of flowers and a kiss on the cheek, really can solve everything.

17. Why companies insist on hiring staff who obviously have no idea what they are doing.

18. Why people continue to leave the house without checking a mirror first.

19. Why people cheat instead of simply ending the relationship.

20. Why Technology dislikes me as much as it does.

21. Why schools complain about teenage pregnancies, yet don’t offer sex education as a subect.

22. Why I only ever read the “Body & Soul” section of the Newspaper instead of reading about the important things that are happening in the world.

23. Why we don’t put our Christmas tree up until a week before Christmas, yet always leave our decorations out until March.

24. Why people find it so hard to use correct punctuation and grammar.

25. Why so many girls find it almost impossible to believe that they deserve better.

26. Why Woolworths insist on cooking only one Macro chook.

27. Why Cheese is so expensive.

28. How it is even possible for all Country Music singers to be good looking

29. Why after two weeks in Las vegas, my favourite day was the day I spent in a ninety-nine cents store.

30. Why bad things happen to good people.