Life teaches us lessons every day, but it’s the little things we learn from our family that stay with us forever.


Things my Mumma has taught me:

1. Christmas is exciting, no matter how old we get.

2. A Christmas Tree always looks its best when it is surrounded by a room full of presents.

3. At least one of those presents should always be given early, just because.

4. Priority wise, vacuuming does not top the list.

5. Neither does dusting.

6. Recipes don’t ever turn out the way they look in the cook books.

7. If clothes need to be ironed, don’t buy them.

8. Speed walking during ‘Sale’ season is a must.

9. Don’t ever pay full price, for anything.

10. Despite what society likes us to believe, a mother and a daughter can in fact be the very best of friends.


Things my Dadda has taught me:

1. When your chips are cold at McDonalds – complain.

2. How to turn the expensive tomatoes into the cheap ones, without anybody realising.

3. The appropriate and the not so appropriate times to buy home brand.

4. Just how full a rubbish bag can get before it needs to be emptied.

5. How different things were “back on the farm”.

6. Growing a garden isn’t quite as easy as it looks in the movies.

7. Cheese, Tomato and Salada’s are all anybody needs for the perfect lunch combination.

8. Playing the pokies is just as much a talent as it is blind luck.

9. Stubbornness as a personality trait is quite possibly hereditary.

10. You are never too old to be ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.


Things my Brother has taught me:

1. If there are ‘sharks’ in the pool, don’t go swimming.

2. Holding your breath under water is not as easy as you might think.

3. How ‘not to’ land a back-flip.

4. Just how easy it is for a failed attempt at a back-flip to end in a concussion.

5. How to watch a scary movie with your finger on the mute button.

6. Backgammon pieces are extremely dangerous when thrown at high speeds.

7. Hard cover books do in fact hurt when thrown at someone’s face.

8. The Banker always wins in Monopoly.

9. Not everybody understands the concept of personal space.

10. Just how boring life would be without a big brother like mine.


More importantly though, these three people have taught me how to love, how to be happy and how to laugh at myself. They’re the ones who have taught me that above all else, family truly is one of life’s greatest blessings.