Exactly one month ago today, a brand new baby boy entered the world.

One month ago today, my bestfriend gave birth to the most gorgeous little baby boy that I have ever laid eyes on and I became a God Mumma.

One month ago today, a perfect little, well, maybe not so little 9.8 pound bundle of joy came into this world and stole my heart in a way that I never could have imagined.

With his ten little fingers and his ten tiny little toes, his beautiful big baby belly, his perfect deep blue eyes and his cute little button nose that looks just like his Mumma’s; he completely took my breath away.

Sure, I had nine months of my bestfriend being pregnant to get use to the idea of a brand new baby boy and I always expected him to be cute. I even expected to fall in love, at least a little, but I never for a second expected to fall this hard and this fast.

You always hear the warnings for first time Mumma’s, about how strong a Mother’s love is for her child, but they never seemed to send out a warning for those first time God Mumma’s.

I never stood a chance.

Now, one month on, not a single thing has changed. He is by far one of the most precious things in my life and every visit, he still manages to steal a little more of my heart. Catch-up’s with his Mumma for my Koala Bear cuddles are the highlight of my week and before I even walk out the door, I’m already counting down the days until I get to see his beautiful little chubby face again.

Just one month and he already has me wrapped around his tiny little finger.