Walking along the streets of Coolangatta today, I somehow stumbled across my very own little slice of heaven. Right there in the window of a tiny little boutique, sat the most breathtakingly beautiful pair of high heels that I have ever laid eyes on; everything from the bright, vibrant colours right down to the perfect little tassles that were dangling from those fancy feathered flowers had me falling in love.

Needless to say, I of course walked straight in, with every intention of leaving the store with a brand new and extremely beautiful pair of high heels and asked the lovely shop assistant if I could please have a size eight. Unfortunately for me however, unlike most fairytales, this story did not have a happy ending.

Although they did indeed have a size eight; one which fitted perfectly might I add, sadly they didn’t come equipped with magical super powers that would allow my terribly uncoordinated self to walk gracefully in such a beautiful pair of shoes.

So whilst I did seriously consider purchasing them as a ‘one of a kind’ centrepiece for my bedroom, I instead did the sensible thing and left empty handed; with nothing but a beautiful memory, a broken heart and the unlikely dream of someday having the ability to walk gracefully in such a stunningly beautiful pair of high heels.