After a few tears, a lot of frustration and hours of talking through my endless thoughts and feelings, I have come to yet another life changing realisation; hardships in life don’t just happen by chance, they happen for a reason.

Their goal is not to leave you bitter and cynical about the things that are missing in your life, but rather leave you appreciative of the things that you’ve been blessed with. They happen so that we can realise the bigger picture. So that we can learn to look past the fog on the windscreen and see the colours of the rainbow shine through.

We don’t fall down so that we can drown in self pity, we fall down so that we can see just who is there to pick us back up. We face challenges in life to make us stronger, and we struggle in order to become a better person.

The truth is, we all struggle. We all face our own daily challenges and we all go through our own hardships in life, but at the end of the day it’s not the struggle that defines you; it’s how you choose to handle that struggle. Just recently, I was reminded of all of this.

Whilst laying in bed, somewhat struggling with my current situation, it occured to me that somewhere along the way I had forgotten a few things.

I had forgotten just how lucky I was to have a family like mine. A family with not only endless amounts of support, but constant, unconditional love. I had forgotten just how lucky I was to have not just an amazing boyfriend, but a boyfriend who is so calm, so patient and so understanding, that even when I am being the most unreasonable girl in the world, he loves me anyway. I had forgotten just how lucky I was to have a handful of girls, who despite living under a rock for two years, are still just a phone call away anytime that I need them. I had forgotten all of those things that I had promised myself I would remember.

Just like that, I had forgotten the most important part.

It’s the people you still have next to you at the end of the struggle that matter. It’s the people that are still there after the countless storms, waiting to watch the rainbow shine through the clouds again. It’s about knowing that no matter what, the next time that storm rolls in those people will still be there holding you together, that’s what matters the most. And me, well I guess I just remembered that I have the best damn storm chasers a girl could find. Right here, I have everything I ever need.