It’s amazing how even just the smell of something, can bring back a flood of memories. Memories that are so vivid and so clear, that it feels like just yesterday you were living them. My memories, well they start in Hawaii.

In a perfect little hotel room, overlooking picturesque palm trees, busy streets and perfect beaches. They start with the sweet smell of coconut and they make me happier than you could ever even imagine.

Every day, I would awake with a smile on my face. A smile so big, that there was no room on my face for anything else. I would have my breakfast that travelled a million miles, all the way from home, just to be there with me and then I would shower. I would shower with the most magical coconut body wash that I had ever laid my hands on and I would moisturise with the matching coconut body cream; the perfect combination. Then, smelling just like a freshly cracked Coconut, I would start my day on the most beautiful Island that a girl has ever seen.

Fast forward four months and here I am back at home, missing not only the picturesque palm trees, the busy streets and the perfect beaches, but the sweet smell of coconut that could take me back there in a heartbeat.

Today though, all of that changed.

Today, Mumma took me to a beautiful big Organic Health Shop, and right there on the shelf, with the rest of the hundred and one coconut products, was that very same smell of coconut that I fell in love with back on the Island.

So today, I was lucky enough to again shower with that magical smell of coconut. And although I may not have been in that very same hotel room, surrounded by those picturesque palm trees, those busy streets, and those perfect beaches, that sweet smell of coconut that filled the room had made those memories so vivid and so clear, that in my mind, that’s exactly where I was.