So this is one of those stories where the technologically challenged girl tries her best for a miracle. One of those stories where if you already know the girl I’m talking about, then chances are you already know how the story ends.

For the sake of the exercise though, you might just be surprised.

For about three years now I’ve been dreaming about having my own eBay account. A place where all of those clothes that I swore I would wear, but never actually did, could be given to a brand new home. A place where I could finally sell a few things out of my overflowing wardrobe and maybe even make a few dollars along the way. A place where things wouldn’t go to waste.

So finally, after years and years of procrastinating, a few weeks ago I built up the courage to start selling on eBay. Miraculously, I not only managed to create my very own eBay account, but I found myself signing up for PayPal and placing my very first item up for sale all within a matter of hours and all on my little lonesome.

I was completely over the moon at how well I appeared to be doing with the technology side of things actually, considering my track record, it was almost too good to be true.

Patiently, I did my best to play out the waiting game. Spending the next seven days checking my laptop at least twenty times a day, hoping and praying that maybe this time around I would have a bidder. As luck would have it however, about 148 times out of the 149 that I checked, I was left disappointed. By the 149th time though, my luck had finally changed and I actually had a winning bidder. The waiting game had paid off and I had just sold my very first item.

By this point, the excitement had taken over and I had completely forgotten that I had no idea how this lovely lady was going to pay me or how any of this eBay process actually worked, but right then in that moment, none of that mattered because finally, after an entire week of waiting by the computer, I had just sold my very first item. My brand new eBay business was off to a flying start.

A few days later, still on cloud nine, I did what any successful eBay seller would do and I posted as many items up for sale as I possibly could. I mean after all, this whole selling thing was a success now, right?

Boy was I wrong.

Not only did cloud nine float away without me, but it threw me off in its travels. Yet another seven long days passed and those few extra items that I had posted while I was on top of the world, never even had a bidder. Not a single one.

So just like that, all of those years spent dreaming of replacing my old wardrobe with a new one, compliments of eBay, had been crushed. Just like that, my eBay experience had ended almost as quickly as it started and there I was, dumbfounded at how the one thing that I never questioned, my ability to sell clothes, was the one thing that went wrong.

This time it wasn’t technology, this time it was blind luck.

Realistically though, I’m not so sure that I should be surprised. I guess that’s just the way the world works. Regardless of how big or how small, sometimes our dreams come true and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes our hard work pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes things go according to plan and sometimes plans change. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we don’t.

Don’t worry too much though, bad luck can’t last forever. Odds are eventually, if you keep planning, keep working and keep dreaming, somewhere along the way your luck is bound to change.