It’s been 119 days, 23 hours, 12 minutes and about 15 seconds since we returned home from our American adventure. That means for 3 months, 27 days, 23 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds, I have officially been an addict.

An addict of online American window shopping, an addict of googling countless items of American food that I can’t even eat and an addict of looking through thousands of photos so many times that I could probably come close to sketching them myself at this stage.

To tell you the truth actually, I think it’s becoming a bit of a problem.


It all began in Vegas, where within a matter of days, I was head over heels for Macy’s. A store that has everything a girl could ever need. A store that I now dream of at least every other night.

Before long, it had continued on to Hawaii, where within a matter of hours, my sense of smell was working on overdrive. Then, before I knew it, I was walking into every single Honolulu Cookie Company we passed not only taking in the heavenly smell of freshly baked cookies but daydreaming about just how perfect they would taste; if only I could have a tiny little nibble.

It wasn’t until the third moment though that I realised I was in trouble; the day we stumbled across The Wholefoods Market. The day I entered my very own slice of heaven. An entirely Organic food market the size of a small town, filled with millions of different foods that I had never even seen before. Foods that believe it or not, I could actually eat. I could hardly believe my eyes.

So between the online love affair with Macy’s, constantly checking the shipping details of the Honolulu Cookies as I await the news of International Shipping, dreaming that one day a WholeFoods Market pops up in my very own backyard and looking over the photos that link all of these little pieces of heaven together, you can understand just how fast my American Addictions are starting to take over.