It’s always the unexpected compliments that mean the most. The compliments that we didn’t see coming, from those people who have nothing to gain from expressing their feelings towards us. Somehow those are always the compliments that seem to hit home the hardest.

Today I received one of those compliments, from someone completely unexpected about something that meant the absolute world to me and even now, words can’t even come close to describing just how amazing that felt. At the time, all I could manage to say was a quiet, yet sincere “thank you” to which I hope she understood my appreciation.

It was in that exact moment though, that I started thinking.

As a person who just received one of these ‘unexpected compliments’, I was given the chance to feel first hand just how life changing they truly are. So why is it that we don’t go out of our way to do this for others more often?

Life is busy, yes, but life is always going to be busy. What if we were to put that aside for a moment. What if just once, you took a few seconds out of your own busy day, just to tell that lovely lady who serves you your favourite coffee every morning exactly how much her smile brightens your day.

What if we remembered that feeling we had felt when we were complimented unexpectedly and we then did our best to pass that feeling on to someone else. What if for once we went out of our way, just to make someone else smile. Not in an act of personal gain, but simply because someone else was once kind enough to do the same for us.

After all who knows, maybe making someone else smile might just make you smile a little too.