Today I went strawberry picking, which I’m sure doesn’t sound like an overly exciting task for most people, unless of course you are under the age of ten, however considering strawberries are one of the only two fruit options that I have at the moment I was completely over the moon at the idea.

From memory, I’m fairly certain I’ve been strawberry picking before, a while ago maybe, but it was nothing at all like this. That old strawberry farm had nothing on the one we visited today. Today I was sure that I had died and stepped into strawberry heaven.

It didn’t matter where you walked, every single patch in every single row was filled with the brightest, most beautiful strawberries that I had ever laid eyes on. In fact, I honestly don’t think you could have found one bad patch on that entire farm, not even if you tried.

It was breath taking.

About an hour into the activity though, almost all of our buckets were full, a lot like my belly actually and yet I still couldn’t bring myself to stop picking. So many beautiful strawberries, just waiting to be eaten and yet it would have been near impossible to save them all. It was then that I stopped for a moment.

Upon realising that I couldn’t possibly take them all home with me, it occurred to me that maybe I didn’t need too. Maybe taking home the entire field of strawberries wasn’t what was going to make me happy. Maybe instead, I just needed to take home that feeling.

That feeling of standing there in my favourite gumboots, in the middle of something so perfectly beautiful. That feeling of spending the afternoon with my family, laughing harder than we have in I’m not sure how long. That feeling you get in your tummy, when you just know that nothing could possibly be better than this. That was all that I needed.

Well, that and a car full of strawberries of course.