Whether we choose to admit it or not, at one point or another we tend to take more things for granted than perhaps we should. Whether it’s the unconditional love of our families, friendships we share, relationships we are a part of, career opportunities that come our way or just every day life in general, more often than not daily life finds a way of taking over and we forget to count our blessings.


The truth is we’ve all done it, it’s human nature. It’s part of the way we’re wired, but how often you choose to take these things for granted, well that is completely up to you.


Today I chose not too. Today I chose to be grateful.


For my family; the people who taught me how to love. The ones who I would be completely lost without. For my friends; the real ones. The ones who know just how to make me smile. For my boyfriend; the boy who stole my heart. The one who despite everything, he stayed. For my Matilda; my little ray of sunshine who every time without fail, comes up to meet me with a smile on her face and a constant wagging tail and for the amazing life that I am lucky enough to wake up and live, each and every day.


So next time you feel as though daily life is starting to take over, stop for a second. Take a moment to step back from all of the craziness that is every day life and remember just how lucky you truly are.


Every day, stop and take a moment to count your blessings, because I promise you, even on a bad day you’ll have more blessings than most.