Earlier today, something amazing happened. Not only did I play my first game of tennis in a little over two years, but during that very same game I somehow managed to trick my mind into letting my legs run a few steps and to be perfectly honest it felt even more amazing that I can even begin to describe.

Sure it was only a few baby steps, baby steps moving at a speed closer to snail pace than the speed of light, but those baby steps just happened to be baby jogging steps and those jogging steps were done by my little legs. Legs that have gone so long without jogging that they would have struggled to even remember the process. So regardless of how fast those little legs appeared to be moving, the important thing was that they were moving and I was completely over the moon.

So over the moon in fact, that I even found myself stopping mid-match to go and hug my stud of a Boyfriend, who luckily was just as proud of my little legs as I was.

Right now though, I think my poor little body is currently in a state of shock. My arm is already feeling like a giant bowl of jelly and chances are my legs will probably give way climbing up the three flights of stairs heading back up to our room, but for tonight I am far too proud to care.

Tomorrow morning may well be a different story, but tonight myself, my jelly arm, my jelly legs and my amazing Boyfriend are far too busy being happy to complain about a thing.