There’s something that happens to a girl when she falls in love. Something that not all of us will acknowledge, but something that we’ve all been through at least once in our life. If not though, let’s just say that it’s one extra thing you have to look forward to on this big adventure called life.

Now, speaking for the general population of course and not just my own personal experiences, once a girl first gives away her heart it has been said that she can often go a little crazy. Sometimes even crazier than she was before.

Firstly, if she wasn’t already a jealous person, she will be now. Some days more than others and other days not at all. However, jealousy is still a curse and once a girl falls in love, be prepared for her to become the green eyed monster.

Whether it’s a childhood bestfriend, a work colleague, a mates girlfriend or just another girl you looked twice at while you were walking along the beach together, the details really aren’t going to matter. At the end of the day, if the other girl is attractive enough for us to feel threatened, then be prepared for World War III.

If your bestfriend is a girl and it didn’t seem to be an issue before, be prepared for it to become an issue now. No girl likes that kind of competition.

If the girl at work who just happens to have pretty blonde hair and legs that go on for miles, decides to message you about anything other than your weekly roster, be prepared for a complete top to bottom phone search. No girl likes the thought of someone else flirting with her boy, especially one that pretty.

If your mates girlfriend made an attempt to date you first before she ended up with him, regardless of how long ago it all happened, be prepared for us to tag along to every event she’ll be attending. No girl wants that kind of blast from the past.

If you get caught looking twice at another girl walking along the beach, be prepared for an afternoon spent reassuring us that it was just the waves you were looking at and not her smoking hot body. It’s hard enough braving the beach in a bikini, without having to worry about a set of wandering eyes. No girl wants to feel as though she isn’t good enough for you.

Like I said, jealousy is a curse.

Secondly, girls are fragile creatures. We may put on a brave face and we may act like nothing bothers us, but the truth is we’re all just a little scared.

Scared that you’re hiding something, scared that you lied, scared that really you weren’t over her to begin with, scared that things are too good to be true, scared that you’ll get bored, scared that a better offer might come along, scared that we love you more than you love us, scared that one day something will change, scared that you’ll hurt us, scared that in the end we’ll be left heartbroken.

Just how scary though depends entirely on how much we love you, so I guess in a way you should be flattered.

Thirdly, we know that our fears are more often than not ridiculously crazy and completely irrational, but the truth is we love you, and we all know that love can be more than a little crazy sometimes.

Lastly, like anyone, we have our good days and our bad days. On our good days, which should equate to about 90% of the year, I promise we won’t be jealous at all. We won’t be jealous and we won’t be crazy, instead we’ll be that very same perfectly normal girl that you fell in love with. On our bad days though, we might need more than a little reassuring. So maybe instead of just laughing it off, you could try and remind us of a few things.

Remind us that regardless of how many other girls are in the world, we’re the only one for you. Remind us that no matter how threatened we might feel, in your eyes, no girl has ever been more beautiful. Remind us that although we might be the overly crazy ones, you just happen to be a little bit crazy in love too. Remind us that the reason we believe you’re our Prince Charming, is because you believe we’re your Cinderella. Remind us that happy endings really do exist and that they’re not just something you read about in fairytales.