When it comes to people, you can never really be certain just what you’re getting yourself into. Even when you think you know a person, life has a way of surprising you.

There are those people who come into your life at the exact moment you need them most and almost instantly you connect. From the very second you meet them, you know that it’s lasting. Regardless of how it all happened, you know that this person is going to be a big part of your life, for as far as you can see and chances are, you are probably right.

Then there are those people who come into your life for just one single moment and just like that, they’re gone again. Almost like a Guardian Angel sent from above, there to guide us through something that maybe we weren’t strong enough to go through on our own. Then, just as quickly as they appeared they leave again, taking with them a small piece of our hearts.

There are those people who surprise you, in a good way. The people who perhaps you didn’t notice at first or the people you may have misjudged. The people who you think you have all figured out, only to find that you couldn’t possibly have been more wrong and that really, you didn’t have them figured out at all. The people who were in fact just a little more guarded in their attempt at a friendship, but the people who end up impacting your life in a positive way nonetheless.

Then there are those people who surprise you, in a way that you never expected. The people who you thought you knew, the ones who you thought were genuine and kind, but who turn out to be just the opposite of what you thought. The people who manage to trick their way into your heart, leaving you with doubts on who you should trust the next time around.

There are those people who have been in your life for as long as you can remember. The people who have helped shape you, the ones who have made you who you are today. The ones who you couldn’t possibly imagine your life without. The ones who you are certain won’t ever leave and if you’re lucky, they won’t.

Sometimes though, there are those people who do.

Sometimes it’s the very same people who you trusted would stay, who end up being the first people to leave. Sometimes it’s the people who you counted on to hold you up, who somehow end up being the ones who let you down. Sometimes it’s the people who you never in a million years expected would hurt you, who somehow end up being the very same ones to break your heart.

Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes people stay and sometimes people leave and in the end, we really have no way of knowing just which way it’s going to go.

In the end, I guess all we can ever really do is cross our fingers, close our eyes, trust in our hearts and hope for the best, because even when those people we never thought would let us down end up proving us wrong, there will always be at least one Guardian Angel waiting just around the corner, standing there with open arms ready to lift us back up again.