This week my amazing boyfriend started his very first real job since leaving the world of Professional Baseball. A full-time job working Monday to Friday, compared to a job where he was spending six months of the year at home and six months of the year on the opposite side of the world.

I guess you could say that this week was our very first week of living our lives as somewhat of a ‘normal couple’ and after just five days, I’m starting to miss him already.

After being almost inseparable for a little over a year now, as ridiculous as it sounds, spending five days apart and eight hours a day of being unable to speak to each other has been a little bit harder than I had first thought. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I think this whole working idea is going to take some getting used too on my part and I’m not even the one that’s going to be working.

I’m sure if you didn’t think so already, you’re probably sitting there right now thinking I’ve gone completely crazy. After spending six months of the year on opposite sides of the world, for two years in a row, here I am complaining about just one single week without him. When it comes down to it though, I don’t think it’s the week itself that has me struggling, I think it’s more the long term picture that makes me a little sad.

At least with him spending six months in America, it meant that for six months of the year I had him at home, all to myself and although I’m sure the distance wouldn’t have worked for most couples, it worked amazingly well for us.

Now though, now he spends five days a week working down at the Gold Coast, which means five days of being apart and only two days of being together. So if you were to sit down and work it out, over the space of a year it equates to a little under eight months working and a little over four months off. Which means really, the six months away and six months home together deal that we had going on was really quite a good deal after all.

In answer to your question; yes, I did actually sit down and work that out. Like I said, after being almost inseparable lately, this whole full-time job business is quite a big change for us or it’s quite a big change for me at least.

In saying that though, I guess that’s just a part of every day life. I guess that’s just what you sign up for when you go out and get a job; something that I wasn’t really aware of, considering I have not had a job myself in quite some time.

Here we are however, trying our luck at what the rest of the world seem to have been doing for well, forever really and after just one week, I’m already starting to sympathise with all of those couples out there in the working world. I think I’ve just recently decided that maybe this whole idea isn’t quite as easy as one would think after all.

Today is finally Friday though, which means that our five days apart are finally over and our two days together are just about to begin. Today is Friday and it’s already 5:30pm, which means that if he hasn’t already left, my boy will be leaving very, very soon to come and see me.

Before I know it, I’ll be back in his arms and we’ll be laying down together while he plays with my hair and tells me all about his very first week. Before I know it, those five days apart won’t have mattered at all, because for two whole days I’ll have him back home with me again.

So for a girl who never really kept track of the days and who never really cared whether it was a Saturday or a Tuesday, I guess you could say that I have just recently developed a newfound love for the weekend.

Dear Friday afternoon; I know that it has been quite some time, but you will be pleased to know you are again back to being my favourite day of the week. If you could pretty please do me a favour though and ask your friends Saturday and Sunday if they could maybe go a little bit slower for me from now on, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again next week.

Yours Truly, Samantha Jane xx.