It is by no means a secret to anyone, that I absolutely love food.

It is also far from a secret that my favourite vegetable and quite possibly all time favourite food at the moment is sweet potato, followed closely by popcorn or anything corn for that matter. So you can understand my excitement when I stumbled across a little slice of heaven in a bag, when I found sweet potato and corn tortilla chips in a little corner store on the streets of Hawaii.

It was as though they were created entirely for me.

From the moment I opened that very first packet and sprinkled them with a little bit of my Himalayan Rock Salt, I was hooked. So much so, that the corner store had ran out of packets within just a few days of us arriving. Needless to say, when they still hadn’t restocked their shelves the day before we were due to fly home, I was absolutely devastated.

Upon returning home however, after a month of Hawaiian food withdrawals, I decided to try and Google my way to an online supplier; there had to be some way of shipping that little slice of heaven in a bag, all the way from Hawaii to Australia.

Sure enough, after countless dead end roads, I eventually stumbled across a wonderful website that just happened to ship to Australia. To my surprise, not only did they sell my sweet potato and corn tortilla chips, but they had everything else that I could possibly dream of and more. Including my coconut shower gel and moisturiser, that was much cheaper than I ever expected.

I of course went a little bit crazy, adding anything and everything to my shopping cart, only to find that shipping costs were a little more out of my price range than I would have liked. So after informing Mumma of my newfound favourite website, we came to a price agreement; as long as I was able to keep the shipping costs around a certain price bracket, then I was allowed to order my heavenly chips, along with my coconut dreams.

I was completely over the moon.

Being my Dadda’s daughter however, I wanted to see what I could do to try and make my order just that little bit cheaper. I had seen a 15% off coupon on the internet a few weeks before hand, but it had since expired. So instead, I decided to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Eventually, I tired of waiting and decided that regardless of the price, I was just going to order them. It was then however, that I realised I was too late. The one and only thing that I had wanted more than anything, was out of stock. Just like that day in Waikiki, those heavenly sweet potato and corn tortilla chips had sold out.

There I was yet again, absolutely devastated and left with no other choice but to continue to wait. So just like I did the very first time, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

By this time, a few more months had passed and my wonderful chips had still not been restocked. Not only had they not been restocked however, but now every single other product sold by that very same brand was no longer available. They had all disappeared and I was left with a cart full of products, with the only real thing that I had wanted, now impossible to order.

I was heartbroken.

A few more days had passed while I was still far too upset to even think about what to do next, until finally, I received an email: 15% off all orders placed tonight. Needless to say, despite my disappointment, I stayed up all hours of the night placing my order of coconut dreams.

Coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, coconut shower gel, coconut moisturiser, coconut hair strengthener, coconut lip balm; you name it, I ordered it and I ordered it in coconut flavour. Just incase that wasn’t exciting enough though, all of the products were of course entirely organic and chemical free.

Still a little upset about the loss of my sweet potato and corn tortillas though, I decided a compromise was in order. The gluten free baking section had quite a few pancake mixes, something that due to my countless food intollerances, I had missed almost as much as my little Hawaiian slice of heaven. So after a little bit of research on just which baking mix I should choose, my disappointment had soon faded when I replaced the loss of my heavenly chips with a number of pancake mixes.

So chances are I although I probably won’t be eating my Hawaiian sweet potato and corn tortilla chips any time soon, come Christmas morning, I may very well be waking up to a santa stocking full of pancake dreams instead. A compromise that after everything, I was more than willing to make. After all, I always have been more of a breakfast girl at heart.