Today is the first day of December; the first day of my favourite month of the whole entire year and I could not be more excited.

Just in case the rest of the world isn’t quite as excited though, here are a few reasons why they should be. Here are just a few of the million and one reasons why December always makes me smile.

1. The sweet smell of Summer.

2. The colours of Christmas.

3. The endless boxes filled with decorations that magically transform our house into our own little Santa’s Workshop.

4. Trying to fit every single one of the million and one decorations we’ve saved over the years onto just one single tree.

5. My lack of talent in regards to tinsel decorating.

6. Saving the star for last, just so Brother can place it on top.

7. The countless presents overflowing from beneath our Christmas tree, every single year.

8. Christmas lights; the good and the bad.

9. Advent calendars.

10. Childhood memories.

11. Counting down the days until Santa visits.

12. The fact that even at twenty-one, Santa still visits.

13. Waking up Christmas morning to find my cute little Snowman basket, full of my all time favourite lollies and chocolates.

14. Opening the fridge to find a whole leg of ham, just waiting to be eaten.

15. Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies.

16. Christmas baking.

17. Christmas fruit.

18. Any and all Christmas food, despite the fact that for the past few years I’ve been unable to eat it.

19. The countless bargains that Mumma and I always seem to find, shopping through the Christmas sales.

20. Fighting the crowds at the Boxing Day sales.

21. The story of The crooked little Christmas Tree.

22. Christmas Eve butterflies.

23. Christmas morning surprises.

24. Waking up, realising it’s morning and racing to the end of my bed to check my Santa stocking.

25. Sneaking into Brothers room to check his stocking too.

26. The fact that even at twenty-one, Santa still fills our stocking.

27. Closing my eyes all the way down the hallway, just to make our Santa present an even bigger surprise.

28. Giving Matilda her annual Rudolph teddy bear.

29. Opening the wrong presents because Mumma got the wrapping papers mixed up.

30. Unwrapping Dadda’s present and finding his pick of perfume for the year, which might I just add, is always amazing. I’m actually starting to think it’s a hidden talent of his.

31. Stopping between each unwrapped present, just to say thank you; at least twice.

32. Cooking pancakes for breakfast.

33. Placing every single perfect present out on my bed, while smiling uncontrollably.

34. Playing Mumma’s game of ‘Three Favourites’.

35. Changing into my Christmas Day outfit.

36. Sending my million and one ‘Merry Christmas’ texts while I wait for the rest of the family to arrive.

37. Beginning our lunch time feast.

38. Scratchie time.

39. Afternoon naps.

40. Knowing that in just 365 days, we get to do it all over again.

More than all of those things though, I love the way that somehow, Christmas always brings out the best in us. I love that for a whole entire month, everyone just seems to be that little bit happier and somehow, even the sun seems to shine just that little bit brighter, almost as if he’s smiling too.

Then almost magically, come Christmas morning, it’s as though all of the problems of the world just seem to slip away. For an entire twenty-four hours, all that matters is the people you’re with, the memories you’re making and just how you’re going to fit that last little bit of Christmas food into an already full belly. For an entire twenty-four hours, the magic of Christmas fills the air and somehow, all of our wildest dreams come true.