How a person can go through life without a pet by their side, absolutely amazes me. Regardless of whether it is a goldfish or a goat, a cockatiel or a cat, a duck or a dog, the specifics of the species don’t really matter. How a person can come home to an empty house though, without any sign of a loving animal there to greet them as they walk through the door, that is something that I don’t think I will ever understand.

Personally, I can’t even imagine walking through my front door and not having my baby girl waiting out the back for me. Luckily though, just a few shorts step and there she is; wagging her tail so fast that she might just fly away, patiently waiting for that door to slide open so she can race in for a head scratch, a belly rub and sometimes if she’s really lucky, both.

Story time and cuddles with my Matilda are by far my favourite part of the day. In fact, anything to do with my beautiful German Shepherd is my favourite part of every day. So much so, that she only has to be gone from the house for just a few hours and suddenly, I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. The second my favourite little mat of fur is no longer spread out in the middle of the hallway floor, I am completely lost.

Regardless of how many people may be at home for company, life without animals is overwhelmingly lonely and despite the fact that they cannot actually talk, even a single day without them is far too quiet for my liking.

Among with an endless list of other wonderful things, animals have a way of making a house happy. They have a magical presence that automatically fills a room with love. They’re infectious and they’re uplifting and the unconditional love that they have for every single person that they meet, is unlike anything I have ever known. They’re trusting in a way that no human could ever compare too and their loyalty is something to be admired.

They’re comforting, they’re good listeners, they never judge and despite being unable to talk back as such, somehow, they always know just what to say. Sure they may smell, they may lose their feathers or their fur and they may even cause their fair share of trouble from time to time, but even with all of those things included, animals are good for the soul.

Although they may not last on this earth for as long as we may like them too, the impact that they have during the short time that they are here is exponential. The happiness that they fill our lives with is priceless and the love that they fill our hearts with is a love that goes beyond words.

To animals, the act of loving someone unconditionally is an instinct, an instinct that they are born with. To us humans however, we are often hesitant to share that same level of trust and vulnerability. Amazingly enough though, once we open up our homes along with our hearts to the love of an animal, given enough time, our instincts begin to change. Given enough time, animals don’t just teach us to smile unconrollably, they too teach us to love unconditionally.

Unlike the bond that is shared between two people however, the bond that is shared between an animal and a human is unbreakable. A bond that deep, that lasting and that strong is a bond that will stand the test of time.

Be it a day, a month, a year or even a decade, regardless of how long they may have been in our lives for, they have a way of leaving pawprints on our hearts that like their memories, will stay with us forever.