Considering today is December 20th; just five short days before Christmas, most people would assume that by this stage, all Christmas Tree’s would well and truly be decorated. I am pleased to inform you however, that my family and I are not like most people; especially when it comes to Christmas.

You see, most people like to decorate their tree on December 1st; allowing them the whole of December to admire it’s beauty before tearing it down for yet another year. Our family however, tend to do things a little differently, we prefer to admire the beauty of our Christmas Tree for just that little bit longer.

Every year, somewhere between December 15th and December 23rd, we finally decide that it’s time to decorate our Christmas Tree and every year, we wait until atleast mid-April before we tear it all back down again.

Every year, we take out an entire box full of decorations that we have collected for a little over a century and we do our best to fit every single one of them onto our already full Christmas Tree.

Every year, we have tinsel that doesn’t match, decorations of all shapes, sizes and colours and a train heading for the North Pole that sadly, no longer ‘choo-choo’s’, but every year, our Christmas Tree always looks beautiful.

Sure, it may be a little busier than most and it may take a little longer to climb out of it’s box, but every year it always shines bright, it always looks happy and it is always, always filled with presents; just the way we like it.