From the very first moment I walked through that door, I was in absolute awe. There it was, the most beautiful, elegant, breathtaking hotel in what could quite possibly be the whole of Australia. There it was, right there in front of me; a bedroom fit for a queen.

A bedroom with rooftops reaching as high as the stars, beds that were like sleeping on a sky filled with clouds, a bathroom that was almost too beautiful to leave, marble sinks and complimentary robes, timeless decor and a hallway that was longer than the one in my very own home. Right there in front of me was my very own piece of paradise; a paradise that I can honestly say took my breath away.

All of those years spent visiting The Treasury Casino and not once had we stopped by to visit the hotel. After all of this time and still, there it was; so beautiful, so elegant and so hidden. There it was, hiding right underneath our noses, this whole entire time.

It was like uncovering a box of hidden treasure; a treasure that I never even knew existed, a treasure that left me wondering.

Along with the beautiful Treasury Hotel, just what other hidden treasures could be out there?

Just what else could be hiding right underneath my nose, silently waiting for it’s chance to take my breath away?