After three hundred and sixty-five days of baby steps, it appears that I’m finally starting to find my feet again. After three hundred and sixty-five days of taking things slow and steady, I’m finally feeling strong enough and brave enough to try something new.

 So, this year I’ve decided to turn things up a little bit.

This year I’m going to get my stride back.

New Year’s Resolutions;

1. Appreciate life; every single day.

2. Do more of what makes me happy.

3. Continue to be inspired, continue to see the beauty in life and continue to write.

4. Finish writing, finish editing and finally publish my very first book.

5. Regardless of the outcome, send that very first book out into the world. Regardless of the outcome, chase my writing dreams.

6. Learn how to save.

7. Travel again; preferably after I’ve learnt how to save.

8. Find my dream boutique and hand them a copy of my resume.

9. Start my nutrition course.

10. Re-learn how to throw a baseball.

11. Be brave enough to run again, even if it’s only a few small steps at a time.

12. Step back out onto that diamond.

13. Play baseball with my two boys; not just a muck around game this time though, a real one.

14. Attempt to write a song.

15. Open the box of my brand new sewing machine and start learning how to sew.

16. Start going to bed at a reasonable hour; more than once a month.

17. Try my very best to not be so busy all of the time, doing goodness knows what.

18. Be spontaneous.

19. Master the art of selflessness.

20. Practice deep breathing.

21. Live in the moment.


So there you have it; twenty-one New Year’s Resolutions for the twenty-one year old girl, who is finally stepping back out into the world. Twenty-one things that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face, every single day for the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

Today is January 1st; Day one of the New Year and I already have that magical feeling. A magical feeling that maybe if I’m lucky enough, might just last all year long.

2013; the year that everything finally starts falling into place.