“Time; the indefinate continued progress of existence and events in the past present and future.”


It moves slowly when we wish it would move fast and fast when we wish it would move slow. Some days we are given just a little too much and yet others, we never seem to have enough. It leaves some of us grateful, while it leaves others drowning in regret. It brings some of us closer together, while it leads others to slowly drift apart. It has the ability to heal old wounds, while it carries the potential to create new ones. It has a way of changing our opinions and a way of altering our perspective and sometimes, if we’re really lucky, it has a way of changing us as people; a way of defining us.

Sometimes though, regardless of how much time we may have been blessed with and regardless of the countless irreplaceable memories we may have made during the space of that time, we still find ourselves grasping at the idea that there just isn’t quite enough. Not quite enough days, not quite enough moments and not quite enough memories. Still, after all of these years, there just doesn’t seem to be enough minutes in each hour, hours in each day and days in each year. Maybe when it comes down to it though, there really is enough time. Maybe there always has been.

Maybe instead of constantly wishing for just that little bit more, we need to trust that we have been given all the time that we could possibly need; trust and believe that we have all been given just long enough to live out everything it is that we have always dreamed of and more.

Maybe all we need to do is take the time we have been given, grab it by both hands and run with it. Maybe all we need to do is live every single day with the intention of doing something great with our lives, something wonderful.

Maybe if we were to live every single day knowing that we were using whatever time we had been given, exactly how we imagined we would, then somehow we would begin to believe that we have been given more than enough.

Maybe it’s never been about the length of time that we’ve been given and maybe we were never meant to be constantly hoping, praying and wishing for more. Maybe all of this is bigger than that, bigger than us. Maybe it’s about appreciating the time that we do have. Appreciating the here and the now, regardless of how long it lasts for.