Things that I have learned during this weekends ‘Glen Innes adventures’:

1. No matter how hard we may try to alter the outcome, this family just doesn’t have the ability to leave for a trip on time.

2. Beginning a million hour car ride squashed in the back seat with a bird cage between you and your six-foot, long legged boyfriend, is really just asking for trouble.

3. Going by his attempts to sing a long, our little baby Wilbur is quite a big fan of Pink; especially her ‘just give me a reason’ duet.

4. The staff of the Aratula petrol station have created something amazing, something that I never even knew existed; GIANT HONEY JUMBLES.

5. A hot chook is impossible to find at 9:00pm.

6. The never ending dirt road that leads towards the homestead, is still just as never ending as ever.

7. Four adult children sleeping in a tiny little room filled with bunk beds is more than a little bit cosy.

8. Apparently even Glen Innes can join in the heat wave.

9. Big soft blankets paired with even bigger shady tree’s, make for the perfect summers afternoon nap.

10. It’s official; I am now the ‘Guess Who’ champion.

11. Star gazing in a small country town will always be a favourite past time.

12. It would seem that now more than ever, I am still struggling with the concept of decision making; especially when it comes to choosing a winning horse.

13. Apparently backing three horses in each race doesn’t actually give you a better chance of winning; especially if you continue to choose the worst three horses in the race.

14. Using a foam bun to style your hair is in fact quite a lot trickier than we are lead to believe.

15. With just a simple deep breath, even the shy girl can become both brave and spontaneous.

16. Standing out on a stage and being judged in front of countless people that you have never met before, is actually a little scary.

17. According to this years judging strategy, you both boobs and a fascinator are required to win a ‘Fashions on the field’ event.

18. The terrible fake tan however, that part is optional.

19. My boy looks pretty damn handsome all dressed up.

20. It is in fact possible to get reception out in the middle of nowhere, all you need is a trusty Iphone.

21. Taking a bowl of homemade soup into a Chinese restaurant is a lot more subtle than walking in with a whole roast chicken.

22. Family games will always, always make me smile.

23. While ever my brother is involved, they will also more than likely lead to uncontrollable fits of laughter.

24. Placing a give way sign behind a tree will very nearly lead to a hospital visit; especially when there is a New South Wales driver involved, who is going almost double the speed limit.

25. Daylight savings is a truly wonderful idea.

26. Where the game ‘Quiddler’ is concerned, apparently if your name is Christopher Childs and you throw big confusing words around, you can just about create your very own dictionary.

27. Even big, hungry horses like the taste of thai sweet chilli chips.

28. Big, giant thunder storms that are accompanied by bright, erratic lightening strikes, always seem to look more beautiful when they are surrounded by lovely green grass, the highest of mountains and endless trees.

29. It’s not where you are that matters most of all, it’s the people that you’re with.

30. I am very pleased to say that when it comes to a small country town, nothing much ever really changes.

Although at times change can indeed be a good thing, there are also times when no change can be even better.