January 22nd, 2013; the day the girl who has been unable to work for as long as she can remember, finally found herself employed again.

The day where a brand new and exciting chapter of life, can finally begin.


It would seem that today, just like yesterday, the universe decided to smile upon me for a second time. Only this time, with such a beautiful smile came a glistening ray of sunshine; a ray of sunshine that shone towards a path more even promising than I had first realised.

Although to some it would seem that this path was just a mere path towards average, everyday employment, for me, it was so much more than that. For me, it was a path that symbolised hopes, dreams and endless possibilities. A path that symbolised the very definition of new beginnings; new beginnings that couldn’t possibly have emerged at a better time.

Today I realised that regardless of your short term or long term situation, while ever you continue to send your hopes and your dreams out into the universe, eventually, they will find a way to come back to you.

Today I realised that if you continue to believe that there are countless opportunities out there just waiting to be taken, then eventually, one will come your way.

Today I realised that although things may not always fall into place, eventually, every once in a while, they do.

Today I was offered a job that three years ago, I would not at all have been interested in and yet today, it was the definition of everything that I have ever wanted.

Today I accepted a job as a Naturopathic Assistant; a job that not only makes me unbelievably excited about life, but at the very same time, makes me quietly content. A job that not only serves a purpose for right now, but has endless possibilities for my future. A job that not only do I already know so much about, but a job where I am certain I will continue to both learn and grow. A job that almost instantly, made this rollercoaster ride of a journey completely worthwhile. A job that is so perfectly suited to everything that I believe in and everything that I am wanting to work towards; a job that I could not possibly be more excited to begin.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for, for longer than I can even say. Today is the very day that symbolises a stage in my recovery, where I can finally step out and join the rest of the world in everyday life.

Today is the day that I happily turned the pages on a chapter of my life that has been somewhat of a struggle to say the least. A struggle that whilst having it’s obvious ups and downs, has without a doubt made me the very person that I am today. A person who is stronger than she realised, braver than she had first thought and more ready than ever to begin a brand new and exciting chapter in this big book called life.